Poem Entry #1

Engage (2014)

I don’t think I can smile but you easily laugh

In a façade of teeth for fake photographs.

Outside I see death—unquenched terrorism.

Inside I see death—unquenched egoism.

In America sex is loose and cheap.

I’m nine years old: time for my first peep.

You Barbie-doll fraud! You plastic Ken!

I never want to see your face again!

“Cut! That’s a wrap!” But you’re disengaged.

You crawl back silently into your cage

And let the overdoes numb your rage,

Because I’m too selfish to ever engage

This evil factory that spurs God to outrage.

Jesus be my fuel, my strength in this war.

You’ve given me the hope these people long for.

It’s about time that I engage, engage.



Welcome to my page!


Hopefully this is the first thing you read on my blog. Welcome!

This blog is going to be all about poetry that I have written. I have 16 poems in my collection and I plan to share them with you at a rate of one poem per week. Look forward to new additions each week!

They will be posted in the order that I wrote them. If you pay careful attention, then you should be able to reconstruct the spiritual and emotion journey I was on.

Most of the poetry that I have written was written as therapy. Fall of 2015 was the first semester of college that I spent away from my friends, of campus, in an apartment. The apartment was poor quality, and it was in a bad part of town. Losing those connections, gaining a stressful commute to my school (Liberty University), and gaining the stress of a new job took its toll.

I learned how to write poetry in an English class and used those new skills to calm my inner turmoil. Thankfully, it worked. I wrote when the mood hit me.

Please like and comment on the posts to show support. Also, please share my poems. If you don’t understand a part of the poem, like a symbol or a the current perspective, ask me in the comments. I would be honored to answer! I want to share my work with a literary community.

I live in North Carolina, United States but I go to school in Virginia. I live 4 hrs from D.C. If you know any poetry groups in those areas please recommend them to me.


C. B. Duckworth