Poem Entry #1

Engage (2014)

I don’t think I can smile but you easily laugh

In a façade of teeth for fake photographs.

Outside I see death—unquenched terrorism.

Inside I see death—unquenched egoism.

In America sex is loose and cheap.

I’m nine years old: time for my first peep.

You Barbie-doll fraud! You plastic Ken!

I never want to see your face again!

“Cut! That’s a wrap!” But you’re disengaged.

You crawl back silently into your cage

And let the overdoes numb your rage,

Because I’m too selfish to ever engage

This evil factory that spurs God to outrage.

Jesus be my fuel, my strength in this war.

You’ve given me the hope these people long for.

It’s about time that I engage, engage.



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