Welcome to my page!


Hopefully this is the first thing you read on my blog. Welcome!

This blog is going to be all about poetry that I have written. I have 16 poems in my collection and I plan to share them with you at a rate of one poem per week. Look forward to new additions each week!

They will be posted in the order that I wrote them. If you pay careful attention, then you should be able to reconstruct the spiritual and emotion journey I was on.

Most of the poetry that I have written was written as therapy. Fall of 2015 was the first semester of college that I spent away from my friends, of campus, in an apartment. The apartment was poor quality, and it was in a bad part of town. Losing those connections, gaining a stressful commute to my school (Liberty University), and gaining the stress of a new job took its toll.

I learned how to write poetry in an English class and used those new skills to calm my inner turmoil. Thankfully, it worked. I wrote when the mood hit me.

Please like and comment on the posts to show support. Also, please share my poems. If you don’t understand a part of the poem, like a symbol or a the current perspective, ask me in the comments. I would be honored to answer! I want to share my work with a literary community.

I live in North Carolina, United States but I go to school in Virginia. I live 4 hrs from D.C. If you know any poetry groups in those areas please recommend them to me.


C. B. Duckworth



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