Poem Entry #8

[I accidentally posted my poems out of order!  o.O  There were THREE poems written between “Cry” (Poem Entry #6) and “Waiting” (Poem Entry #7) which I accidentally skipped! They are titled “Fat Pig,” “Friendship,” and “Day Trip to DC.” I will post them now as Poem Entry #8, #9, and #10, respectively. Just note the dates attached to the titles to confirm the accurate chronological order.]

Here is “Fat Pig,” the shortest poem I had written up to that time. It was my first sharp break from the Sonnet structure.


Fat Pig (01 Dec 2015)

The fog, the smog, that stubborn hog

Has come back to lounge in my bog.

That fat pig has exceeded her stay

In my cerebral city of rain.

I much prefer the brighter days

That don’t lead me to dismay

The condition of this beloved place

Of low-lying clouds and rain.



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