BONUS: A Decapitated Family Tree

A Decapitated Family Tree (18 Apr 2017)


10/4, monsieur!

I’m sure that your

Treasure’s allure

Won’t bore my lord,

The king of ore.

Just bring him more

Bright bling galore—

Please bring him more!

My lord lusts for

Four quarts of quartz

To store indoors—

Bring more! Encore!

My lord won’t sing

Till your folks bring

Rocks, ore, and bling—

Gold for the king!


Eventually, a prince—

That lustful king’s offspring—

Will be simple:

Only wanting

To love people,

Only wanting

To be humble,

Never using

His dad’s temple.

Rot engrossing

That cathedral.

A new shoot rises from the stump of the decapitated family tree,

And a delicious fruit falls from it onto the dusty gold flakes below.

The powdered gold dust nourishes the seeds like fertilizer for a new era.

Soon, the divine forest rises high to cut the sky with dreams of purity.

Redemption is available to everyone strong enough to chop down a tree.


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