Poem Entry #15

Dogwood II (written 06 Sept 2016, edited Oct 26)


You are a flowering dogwood tree

Who has grown to mean so much to me—

A tall, strong pine in a lonely grove

Ready to scope the skyline alone

Until I surveyed my surroundings

And found you directly beside me.

Congrats! You made it to the canopy!

Maybe you would like some coffee?

Or maybe, maybe just a chat?

I think I would really like that.

So, I swayed and you swayed

With the wind flow of time,

Till you bloomed and opened

These narrow eyes of mine.


Poem Entry #14

Bloodhound Demon: Part II (15 April 2016)


I run and I hide

I run and I hide

But I can’t run from it

And I can’t hide from it.

The bloodhound demon chases me far

Into the deep dark forest of my heart.

I crush leaves, break branches, and leave a clear trail

But it doesn’t matter cause the demon won’t prevail

I trip

Poem Entry #13

Bloodhound Demon: Part I (15 Apr 2016)


My vice is a bloodhound demon of the night

I can deny once, maybe even twice,

But on the third time his rage ignites

And I fail to offer him a good fight.


Not here, not alone, in the deep dark forest

Where the mind is strong but the eyes are poorest

I yield to the vice I solemnly hate

And the demon whispers, “You’re not so great.”


Then a voice booms far above my skull,

“Wretched fiend! Your power is void and null!

“He has my Spirit who knows not defeat.”

But that stubborn demon did not concede.


Whether he haunts in the forest or field

I smile—to the perfect Spirit I yield.

Poem Entry #12

The Dancing Birds (14 Apr 2016)


You can only play with the dancing birds

If you agree to play by their playtime terms:

  • Make sure your voice is not too loud.
  • Make sure your soul is near the ground.
  • When you move, move slowly or they may run away and you must wait to play another day.
  • When you breathe, breathe gently or they may be afraid to enter into your hazy domain.

I imagine playtime was fun today.

Too bad I scared them again away.

Poem Entry #10

Day Trip to DC (16 Dec 2015)


What do I say? Yes or no?

Should I stay or should I go?

I want to make a memory

But my friends—they cannot join me.


Fulfillment not tedium is the goal

But if I can’t share it then it’s not whole.

Without fellowship, what is the goal

Of a day trip to DC alone?


For nine hours in my car

I will chat with a childhood Friend

We’ll reserve two seats at the bar

And I’ll hear the good news again.


True solitude and tranquility

Can be a heavenly melody—divine remedy.

Poem Entry #9

Friendship (08 Dec 2015)


Perhaps the deepest pain I’ve known

Is being in a crowd alone.

In a sick twist of irony

Many yet none are beside me.


But that’s just it; I’m not alone

Even if I am far from home

I have God family and friends

Whose love unyielding extends.


Traversing the solar system

Radiation explodes from them

To the dark side of my planet

Which rotates to accept it.


Even in a cold, distant land

I might feel the warmth of a friend.

Poem Entry #8

[I accidentally posted my poems out of order!  o.O  There were THREE poems written between “Cry” (Poem Entry #6) and “Waiting” (Poem Entry #7) which I accidentally skipped! They are titled “Fat Pig,” “Friendship,” and “Day Trip to DC.” I will post them now as Poem Entry #8, #9, and #10, respectively. Just note the dates attached to the titles to confirm the accurate chronological order.]

Here is “Fat Pig,” the shortest poem I had written up to that time. It was my first sharp break from the Sonnet structure.


Fat Pig (01 Dec 2015)

The fog, the smog, that stubborn hog

Has come back to lounge in my bog.

That fat pig has exceeded her stay

In my cerebral city of rain.

I much prefer the brighter days

That don’t lead me to dismay

The condition of this beloved place

Of low-lying clouds and rain.