My book is now available! I self-published it through CreateSpace which means that it is available on Amazon and Kindle! I did the formatting and cover art myself:

You can check out more on Amazon. They allow a preview of the first ~10 pages, which includes the first 2 poems. Check it out here:

This book is the full collection of those poems that I wrote during college: 31 in total. That makes the book about 50 pages long! That is 50 poems of my heart, soul, and mind during the last 2 years of college at Liberty University.

Thank you already for showing support. Your views and follows have encouraged me to continue the publication process. I would not have published without your feedback. Now, it’s ready! I need you to continue to show support by buying a copy, reviewing it, and recommending it to a friend. Any of those will help! To encourage your support I made the prices cheap: the paperback copy is $9, and the Kindle version is $6. This is just as much about sharing my story as it is about earning a profit. I’m not making that much money from this.

Thank you for your support!


BONUS: Bibliophile

Bibliophile (24 Feb ’17)


For eight hundred bucks I can buy

A ticket one way to London.

For three hundred bucks I can try

A road trip to Cali for fun.

For nine ninety five I can get

A glimpse into Chatterly’s mind.

For four ninety five I can learn

About Huck Finn’s chaotic life.

For free I can get the good book

From a hotel collecting dust

And to distant past times I look

And see a God wanting my trust.


To travel is nice if you’re rich:

You need freedom, money, and time.

But reading’s great for all people:

All you need is a creative mind.


Till I can visit India

I’ll read the Bhagavad Gita.

Till I can see New York City

I’ll follow Daisy and Gatsby.

Until I go to Alaska

I’ll see White Fangs in the tundra.

Until I can visit Japan

I’ll reread the manga again.

Until I can afford to leave

I’ll pick up a book and read.