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This book is the full collection of those poems that I wrote during college: 31 in total. That makes the book about 50 pages long! That is 50 poems of my heart, soul, and mind during the last 2 years of college at Liberty University.

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Poem Entry #14

Bloodhound Demon: Part II (15 April 2016)


I run and I hide

I run and I hide

But I can’t run from it

And I can’t hide from it.

The bloodhound demon chases me far

Into the deep dark forest of my heart.

I crush leaves, break branches, and leave a clear trail

But it doesn’t matter cause the demon won’t prevail

I trip

Poem Entry #9

Friendship (08 Dec 2015)


Perhaps the deepest pain I’ve known

Is being in a crowd alone.

In a sick twist of irony

Many yet none are beside me.


But that’s just it; I’m not alone

Even if I am far from home

I have God family and friends

Whose love unyielding extends.


Traversing the solar system

Radiation explodes from them

To the dark side of my planet

Which rotates to accept it.


Even in a cold, distant land

I might feel the warmth of a friend.

Poem Entry #7

fun information, this was the last poem I wrote before I met my girlfriend who I am still with now 🙂 Enjoy this English sonnet which lacks iambic pentameter, as all my sonnets do.

Waiting (21 Dec 2016)


Oh, waiting is such a bother

Waiting for the warm tomorrow

And all that God has in store…

Will it really be much more?


When will I finally find that girl?

When will I start to change the world?

When will I clear my student debt?

In a hundred years, I bet.


In his Word, God has avowed

To give me much more than I have now

At least that’s what Chambers taught me

About Matthew six, thirty.


Patience is a hard virtue to learn

When anxiously for tomorrow I yearn.

Poem Entry #5

The Autumn Blues (09 Nov 2015)


Drip drop drip drop… the ceiling is leaking!

The walls of this house are moist and sinking

Into the mud of unknown refuse:

I got a bad case of the autumn blues.


My gaze is falling with the falling clouds

And the heavy leaves that fall to the ground.

I have to lift myself out of this mood:

I got a bad case of the autumn blues.


The trees are naked and the sky is grey.

Lynchburg again welcomes rain today.

Why such a challenge my mind to amuse?

I got a bad case of the autumn blues.


Warm, sunny days never drive you to read.

Warm, sunny days never drive me to write.

Poem Entry #4


Fretting (03 Nov 2015)


She cares so much about the small

Minute details of her life.

Anxiety is her downfall—

Sanitize her mind with a knife.


Life’s a flicker flash in a pan—

She has to change her perspective.

Peaks and troughs are both from God’s hand.

Undulation is objective.


The Kingdom of God may arrive

Quicker than she wanted.

Gently, two parties collide:

The Father and the adopted.


With heaven in mind there is no

Reason to fret o’er the to-and-fro.