My book is now available! I self-published it through CreateSpace which means that it is available on Amazon and Kindle! I did the formatting and cover art myself:

You can check out more on Amazon. They allow a preview of the first ~10 pages, which includes the first 2 poems. Check it out here:

This book is the full collection of those poems that I wrote during college: 31 in total. That makes the book about 50 pages long! That is 50 poems of my heart, soul, and mind during the last 2 years of college at Liberty University.

Thank you already for showing support. Your views and follows have encouraged me to continue the publication process. I would not have published without your feedback. Now, it’s ready! I need you to continue to show support by buying a copy, reviewing it, and recommending it to a friend. Any of those will help! To encourage your support I made the prices cheap: the paperback copy is $9, and the Kindle version is $6. This is just as much about sharing my story as it is about earning a profit. I’m not making that much money from this.

Thank you for your support!


BONUS: Salvation

Salvation (April 2017)

There is something beautiful about poetry
That brings a bummy college student
In a lackluster green car
Driving through a world-class university…
That saves her from the struggle
And makes her a queen of wordplay.
Her ability to manipulate metallic technique
And navigate the flow of oceanic emotions
Saves her from a present dullness
By safeguarding a future glory.
If only she becomes a poet, an artist.
Art can save you from a dull life,
So what are you waiting for?

BONUS: Bibliophile

Bibliophile (24 Feb ’17)


For eight hundred bucks I can buy

A ticket one way to London.

For three hundred bucks I can try

A road trip to Cali for fun.

For nine ninety five I can get

A glimpse into Chatterly’s mind.

For four ninety five I can learn

About Huck Finn’s chaotic life.

For free I can get the good book

From a hotel collecting dust

And to distant past times I look

And see a God wanting my trust.


To travel is nice if you’re rich:

You need freedom, money, and time.

But reading’s great for all people:

All you need is a creative mind.


Till I can visit India

I’ll read the Bhagavad Gita.

Till I can see New York City

I’ll follow Daisy and Gatsby.

Until I go to Alaska

I’ll see White Fangs in the tundra.

Until I can visit Japan

I’ll reread the manga again.

Until I can afford to leave

I’ll pick up a book and read.

Poem Entry #4


Fretting (03 Nov 2015)


She cares so much about the small

Minute details of her life.

Anxiety is her downfall—

Sanitize her mind with a knife.


Life’s a flicker flash in a pan—

She has to change her perspective.

Peaks and troughs are both from God’s hand.

Undulation is objective.


The Kingdom of God may arrive

Quicker than she wanted.

Gently, two parties collide:

The Father and the adopted.


With heaven in mind there is no

Reason to fret o’er the to-and-fro.

Poem Entry #3

Evangelism (01 Nov 2015)

Who is more wicked than the man who hides
A testimony from God?
In famine, he keeps his bounty inside
And never scatters abroad.

The beggars surrounding his mansion
Probe on weary hands and knees.
They aren’t looking for perfection
Just a simply Holy Breeze.

If that Breeze blows ’bout your estate
Share it with the man who’s poor.
Prepare a meal to give him a taste;
Welcome the knocks at your door.

The Kingdom of God is a banquet, not
A storehouse of mothballs and rot.

Poem Entry #2

SOS (02 Nov 2016)

I am in the library again, alone.
It’s a loud, busy place—nothing like home.
Preoccupied with paper and pen,
This solitude I drink is a poison.

I can’t spend time with family of friends
Until the semester comes to an end.
The distant stars now replace the sun;
The crisp, cold night has tragically won.

Boiling water and chaotic waves
Threaten to quicken me to a young grave.
Once my raft finally kisses the shore
Alas, there is labor forevermore.

In four years, I will finally be free.
SOS, from the university.