Poem Entry #12

The Dancing Birds (14 Apr 2016)


You can only play with the dancing birds

If you agree to play by their playtime terms:

  • Make sure your voice is not too loud.
  • Make sure your soul is near the ground.
  • When you move, move slowly or they may run away and you must wait to play another day.
  • When you breathe, breathe gently or they may be afraid to enter into your hazy domain.

I imagine playtime was fun today.

Too bad I scared them again away.


Poem Entry #10

Day Trip to DC (16 Dec 2015)


What do I say? Yes or no?

Should I stay or should I go?

I want to make a memory

But my friends—they cannot join me.


Fulfillment not tedium is the goal

But if I can’t share it then it’s not whole.

Without fellowship, what is the goal

Of a day trip to DC alone?


For nine hours in my car

I will chat with a childhood Friend

We’ll reserve two seats at the bar

And I’ll hear the good news again.


True solitude and tranquility

Can be a heavenly melody—divine remedy.