Poem Entry #15

Dogwood II (written 06 Sept 2016, edited Oct 26)


You are a flowering dogwood tree

Who has grown to mean so much to me—

A tall, strong pine in a lonely grove

Ready to scope the skyline alone

Until I surveyed my surroundings

And found you directly beside me.

Congrats! You made it to the canopy!

Maybe you would like some coffee?

Or maybe, maybe just a chat?

I think I would really like that.

So, I swayed and you swayed

With the wind flow of time,

Till you bloomed and opened

These narrow eyes of mine.


Poem Entry #11

The subject of this poem is my girlfriend, Elizabeth. We had been dating for over a month and I decided it would be sweet to write a poem for her. This was the first poem I had written since December 2015. The sadness which drove me to write the previous 10 poems was gone mostly because I moved from a crumby apartment complex to a brand new, luxurious one. I also quit my stressful job to focus on schoolwork, and, by February, I had met Elizabeth. The spring of  2016 was a pleasant time. It marked a turning point in my poetry which wasn’t realized until the spring of 2017 when I wrote fun, meaningless, loosely-structured poems like Psychobabble.

Without further delay, enjoy!  🙂


Dogwood I (29 Mar 2016)


You are a flowering dogwood tree

Whose branches reach out to those in need

To wrap them in a blanket of twisted wood

So that they if not otherwise would

Know mercy so sentimental

And grace so supernatural.

In rest, to heaven they might inquire

The origin of your strange desire

To offer them care and protection

And to share the hope of resurrection.


Heaven might answer and say that the most

Influential voice is his Holy Ghost.

But there is another specter of old

Who tried to tarnish her soul of gold.

That specter did steal her hope for the morn

With a heavy blanket of twisted thorns

Until it was restored unto her

By a knight in divine armor.

Now she loves others with true sympathy,

And that’s what makes her so lovely to me.

Poem Entry #7

fun information, this was the last poem I wrote before I met my girlfriend who I am still with now 🙂 Enjoy this English sonnet which lacks iambic pentameter, as all my sonnets do.

Waiting (21 Dec 2016)


Oh, waiting is such a bother

Waiting for the warm tomorrow

And all that God has in store…

Will it really be much more?


When will I finally find that girl?

When will I start to change the world?

When will I clear my student debt?

In a hundred years, I bet.


In his Word, God has avowed

To give me much more than I have now

At least that’s what Chambers taught me

About Matthew six, thirty.


Patience is a hard virtue to learn

When anxiously for tomorrow I yearn.

BONUS: Bibliophile

Bibliophile (24 Feb ’17)


For eight hundred bucks I can buy

A ticket one way to London.

For three hundred bucks I can try

A road trip to Cali for fun.

For nine ninety five I can get

A glimpse into Chatterly’s mind.

For four ninety five I can learn

About Huck Finn’s chaotic life.

For free I can get the good book

From a hotel collecting dust

And to distant past times I look

And see a God wanting my trust.


To travel is nice if you’re rich:

You need freedom, money, and time.

But reading’s great for all people:

All you need is a creative mind.


Till I can visit India

I’ll read the Bhagavad Gita.

Till I can see New York City

I’ll follow Daisy and Gatsby.

Until I go to Alaska

I’ll see White Fangs in the tundra.

Until I can visit Japan

I’ll reread the manga again.

Until I can afford to leave

I’ll pick up a book and read.